Members access affordable business support
  1. Operational Setup
    1. Physical office setup
    2. Free incorporation and discounted legal requirements by
    3. Free Bank account with
    4. Recruitment and HR support
  2. Market Research
    1. Research planning
    2. Interviews and online surveys
    3. Competitive intelligence
    4. Ongoing analysis and reporting
  3. Go-to-Market Strategy
    1. Positioning
    2. Messaging
    3. Launch planning: company, product, service
    4. Early-stage funding preparation
    5. Stakeholder development
  4. Business Planning
    1. Business plan development
    2. USCIS filing
  5. Sales & Marketing
    1. Content development: Website, solution briefs, brochures & white papers
    2. Sales tools: Sales presentations & videos
    3. Creative services: Design through delivery
    4. Customer case studies
    5. Lead profiling & inbound/outbound marketing
    6. Community management
    7. Press & analyst targeting
  6. Extra traction drivers
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John Juan Lin
We love Spark Labs and its vibrant community. Surrounded by lively events and good people brought us new partnership and many close friends.
Cassandre Mugnier
Managing Director
We chose Spark Labs because of the top location and how easy it was to get set-up. Also being a part of a strong tech & media community has made networking much easier for us.
LD Mangin & Jerome Dangu
Spark Labs offers a combination of great location, great physical space & a strong community that has supported ClarityAd throughout its growth.